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Moo Thru was founded by 4th generation dairy farmer Ken Smith. The Smith Family has owned and operated a dairy farm in Fauquier County for decades.  With the help of his family Ken opened Moo Thru in June 2010 and it has been growing ever since. The family farm is located just two miles away from our ice cream store, where our champion Holstein cows are fed the healthiest diet.

The ice cream is handcrafted and slow churned in Remington, Virginia.  Each ingredient is hand-selected, fresh, and local whenever possible.

You can taste the combination of the fresh milk, gourmet ingredients and hand-crafted attention to detail in this premium product.

The production team often create new and tantalizing flavors that revolve with seasonal flair. Some of the newest fan favorites are blackberry Merlot with dark chocolate chunks and bourbon caramel.

There is always something for everyone including dairy free sorbets and sugar free ice cream.

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Moo Thru has an ice cream that is available to travel to events. Please call for more information.


11 AM – 9 PM

12 PM – 9 PM

Wait Times

During our busiest summer hours, our lines may look long but we are working hard to serve you the best ice cream at the shortest time possible.

A Note About
Milk Returns

A $3 bottle deposit is required with the sales of milk. All milk is sold in half gallon glass bottles. All milk bottles are to be returned to Moo Thru clean and free of lids. Thank you!

Entrance Tip

If you’re coming north on Rt. 29, go past Moo Thru, make a U-Turn at the light and enter.

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Love love love moo thru ice cream.

This is definitely a must stopon RT 29.  Fresh hand dipped ice cream in awesome flavors!   Fresh milk in glass bottles and pints and quarts to go.  Call head to pick up your pints and quarts through the drive thru. White chocolate raspberry and butter pecan are my top two flavors.  Banana pudding and peach are the perfect summer treat!

Kathy D.

The best ice cream place I’ve ever had!

I live 50 minutes away from this place but I can’t stop myself going to moo thru and get my favorite banana & chocolate duo ice cream!! even in the winter season!

Joanne M., Centreville, VA

Moo Thru is a great place to work and we’re always looking for smiling faces to join our team!

Moo Thru Charlottesville -
946 Grady Avenue, Charlottesville, VA

Moo Thru Lake Anna -
200 Boardwalk Way, Mineral, VA

Moo Thru Hillsboro -
37098 Charles Town Pike, Hillsboro, VA

Moo Thru Winchester -
535 Patsy Cline Blvd, Winchester, VA

Moo Thru Warrenton -
(Search "MooThru Mobile Warrenton" on Facebook)

Contact Info

11402 James Madison Hwy,
Remington, VA 22734

Phone: 540-439-6455
Mail: office@moothru.com



Hours of Operation

11 AM - 9 PM

12 PM - 9 PM

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